Weekly roundup, a few days late


Sunset at Back Cove in Portland, Maine

My new professional cover photo: An unedited view of Back Cove during an evening run (Photo by Jessica Corbett)

Unsurprisingly, I found myself swamped with chores and errands to run over the weekend, so I got too busy to compile my weekly roundup, but I have included it below. I had hoped to finish it last night, but I finally had received my last order of hangers, and  I was far too excited to resist fully unpacking and settling into my apartment.

Sadly, that only lasted for three hours… because around 2 a.m. I awoke to the 8-foot shelf in my apartment’s only closet tearing away from the drywall and then crashing to the floor. Fortunately, my building maintenance team is super responsive and they are already in the process of replacing it, but all of my clothing, bins of keepsakes, and various other personal items typically stored in the closet are (again) spread out all across my apartment. Someday, maybe, I will actually have the luxury of feeling settled in my newish home.

In the meantime, I will continue poring over the daily news, attempting to not eat one pint of Halo Top per day, stressing about money, and trying to find time to read for fun, now that I have all of my books in one place (read: somewhat precariously placed in towering stacks all over my studio apartment).

Anyway, other than that, my life has been a long week-and-a-half of work, so, without further ado…

Weekly Roundup (read all my CD articles here)

It’s Electric: LA Sets an Example by Becoming the First Major US City to Pledge Its Full Bus Fleet Will Convert to Electric by 2030

Failing to Deliver “Great” Healthcare, Trump Now Just Wants System to “Implode.” Here Are Three Ways POTUS May Sabotage the Nation’s Existing Healthcare System. 

More Than 7,000 Nuns Tell the GOP Its Attack on People’s Healthcare Is ‘Simply Immoral’

With Kentucky’s Last Clinic ‘Under Siege,’ Anti-Choice Activists Display Abortion on Jumbotron (Yes, the Jumbotron Played an Abortion Video in a Downtown Public Space, Meaning Kids and Random People Passing Through Saw It…Which, Yes, Is Fucked Up)

Trump Tramples on LGBTQ Rights By Banning Trans Service Members From the Military—via Twitter, Because the Septuagenarian POTUS Loves to Tweet Terrible Things

Utilities Knew, Too: Despite Warning From Federal Scientist Decades Ago, Industry Lied and Deceived on Climate, Just Like Oil Giant ExxonMobil (Shocking, Right?)

Scary Dairy: You Scream, I Scream… There’s Monsanto Roundup in Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream (I am sorry if this makes you sad; if it helps, writing it made me sad.)

Even Though He’s a “Walking Conflict of Interest,” the Senate Confirmed a Fossil Fuel Industry Lobbyist to Serve as Second-in-Command at the Interior Department


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